Jan Tuma


1948 born in Praque, CZ

1954-1966 Schools in Prague, CZ

1966-1968 Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, CZ


  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • State Examination and Thesis for MD- Degree

1973-1974 Kidney Physiology (Prof. H. Wirz), Ciba-Geigy, Basel

1974-1975 Anaesthesia (Dr. Zeller) Winterthur


  • Nephrology (PD Dr.med. K. Záruba), Stadtspital Waid Zürich
  • Internal Medicine (Prof. M. Schmid), Stadtspital Waid Zürich

1979-1981 Internal  Medicine (Prof. W. Siegenthaler),University Poliklinic Zürich

1981-1983 Senior Physician Nephrology (Dr. Reutter) Kantonsspital St. Gallen

1983-         FMH internal medicin, doctor’s office in Uster

1983-1985: Practical Trainings  in Ultrasound: Prof. Rettenmeyer, Böblingen

1986-         Training  physician University Zürich

2002-2004 SGUM, President of Section Internal  and General  Medicine

2003         Associate Professor, University of Kosice, Slowakia (Thesis: Renal Ultrasound)

2005-2007 SGUM (Swiss Society of Ultrasound): Chief of Education.

2007-2013 Member and (2011-13) Chair of Education  Committee of EFSUMB, Delegate EFSUMB

2014          Honorary fellow of EFSUMB

2015-         Co-director of EFSUMB Ultrasound learning center Hirslanden Zürich